Fascia Research and Contributions


Michele Bond, M.S.

2022 Release

Latest compilation of connective tissue research from the world's most prominent experts.

Michele Bond, M.S.

Michele's Chapter

This inaugural chapter about FOAM ROLLING was included in this 2022 second edition of the book.

Michele Bond, M.S.

Published Research

International Journal of Exercise Science-
comparing 2 strength training groups and a fascial conditioning program

The Embryology of Fascia

Michele presented at the Fascia in Movement and Sport workshop with Dr. Robert Schleip (world-renowned researcher and practitioner) in Los Angeles Feb. 2019.

Fascial System Education Opportunities


Michele hosted and presented with Dr. Schleip (world reknowned  fascia researcher) at the Fascia in Movement and Sport conference in Los Angeles.

70 participants from 7 countries gathered in Los Angeles on Feb. 9-10, 2019, to learn about the latest fascia research and movement applications with one of the most prominent researchers in the world. Michele organized this event and collaborated with Dr. Schleip to deliver a spectacular experience. She had the opportunity to share a presentation about the embryology of fascia and how this tissue signals muscle development in fetal development.

If your health club, gym, or small studio is interested in a workshop for your staff, Michele will travel to your site. Please email for more information.

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Michele began her studies of the fascial system in 2011 and is a member of the Fascia Research Society. She simultaneously pursued a master's degree in Kinesiology while avidly reading books and journal articles and attending workshops. In 2013, she attended an unembalmed cadaver exploration of the fascial system with Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains book), created a fascial system exercise class for clients, and attended the 2015 Fascia Research conference. At this time, she secured the mentorship of two prominent researchers for her master's thesis - Dr. Carla Stecco and Dr. Peter Huijing. She performed original research in this field, and it was accepted for a poster presentation at the Berlin Fascia Research Congress in 2018. This research has now been published - International Journal of Exercise Science 12(1): 825-838, 2019. Michele authored an inaugural chapter in a second edition of the Fascia Textbook, "Fascia: The Tensional Network of the Human Body," 2022. This is an honor for her to be included with the world's most prominent researchers of our time. She is also a Fascia Research Society author and contributor - the leading international professional research organization for connective tissue. Michele has a full-time exercise therapy business that she has run since 1999.

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