Kinesiogram™ - The Key to Unlocking You
Michele Bond, M.S.

6 sessions for success

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THE KINESIOGRAM™ is Michele's signature 11-point movement assessment to identify the mechanisms of the body that are contributing to pain, stiffness, lethargy, and body disconnect. This assessment will reveal how your muscle, connective tissue (fascia), and joints are interacting, as well as identifying how your core is functioning.

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A custom corrective exercise program will be assigned that involves connective tissue (fascia) hydration, stretching, joint mobilization and focused resistance training. This truly custom program follows a strategic order with precise intensity based on your initial assessment. 



Each session will reveal what has improved by evaluating muscular adaptation, connective tissue extensibility, and core function. Program updates are made to accommodate progression to optimal movement or whatever your goal may be.



The nervous system will fire quicker and more efficiently for less energy waste and more strength gains. The connective tissue system (fascia) will have tension redistributed properly for improved range of motion and flexibility. Motor control will improve due to increased muscular function for stability, agility, and coordination. Body alignment will improve from proper signaling (input) from the precise dosage and sequence of corrective exercises.


Forever Tools

Michele's signature 11-point movement assessment and corrective exercise system will change how your mind and body perceive exercise. These are FOREVER tools to GET and STAY in control of your exercise destiny!

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Don't Wait....

If you are not biomechanically sound (muscles/connective tissue/joints working together efficiently), your exercise may be doing more harm than good. For those NOT exercising, this is your chance to literally reconfigure the structures that will UNLOCK your potential and motivation.

Experience and Education

Michele has been serving clients since 1999 and is at the top of her field by no other means than hard work, study, and gaining the trust of over 1200 clients she has worked with.

She holds a master's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas with advanced coursework in sports psychology and cardiovascular disease. Michele is a published researcher in the area of strength and connective tissue (fascia) and is a Fascia Research Society author and contributor - the leading international professional research organization for connective tissue. Michele is a NASM certified corrective exercise specialist and holds a Level 2 Fascia Specialist Certification from the international team of researchers.

Her areas of continuing education are functional anatomy/corrective exercise, fascia (specialized connective tissue), and muscle adaptation. Michele also has a team of medical, academic, and research professionals to consult with to assist with program and professional development.

Michele's Research

The area of fascial research is quickly becoming a main topic in addressing pain, mobility, and athletic conditioning.