Comprehensive 11-Point Movement Assessment

Kinesiogram Premier™-The Key to Unlocking You

  • Information intake: answer basic questions about your health, injuries, exercise experience and goals
  • Biomechanical assessment: a series of movements to evaluate how muscle and soft tissue function together and a written report
  • Exercise and lifestyle recommendation report
  • Mini corrective exercise lesson taught on-the-spot and written program you can start doing right away!


  • 5 additional one-hour instructional sessions to develop the corrective exercise program and make progressions according to individual ability
  • 5 strategic program updates after each session. This will include a detailed written program sent by email and photos if needed. Screenshots can be taken for tracking progress.
  • 3 urgent questions by email or text
  • 1 urgent question phone call – 15 minutes

5 weeks* to change how you move and feel…

What you do after the 5 weeks* is up to you

You can start an exercise program with confidence and true knowledge about your body.

You can continue an exercise program with a renewed sense of continuity and strength throughout your body.

You can also continue your work with me, and I will move you step-by-step through various stages of human performance-endurance, strength, power, balance and coordination

Whatever you choose, take the time to investigate, with me, this very personal movement journey to UNLOCK your movement potential for exercise and daily living.

This is not a cookie cutter routine that you will find on the internet. This is about you and only you in this truly custom experience.

*8 week maximum

High School Athletic Program

  • Fundamental movement patterns MUST be mastered to perform sport specific skills successfully
  • A biomechanical assessment is the ONLY way a person can know how their body is truly functioning
  • Youth connective tissue and muscle tissue DO NOT develop at the same rate – most organizations are NOT training your athlete properly or with the personal attention they need to succeed!

Testimonial From Champion Coach

My name is Iva Boteva, owner and lead coach at iROW Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, CA. I began my professional rowing coaching career in 2002 at the University of Southern California after an illustrious rowing career of my own.  In 2009 I formed iROW Fitness Studio in Los Angeles to offer elite training and development for aspiring high school athletes. Over the years, my coaching has produced several state and national champions at elite collegiate programs.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michele in 2010 and was immediately impressed by her functional anatomical knowledge of the human body, her ability to identify areas of the body that need improvement (in strength, flexibility, etc), as well as her approach to designing a customized corrective exercise program after a thorough assessment and evaluation of each individual. After working with her for a period of time myself and seeing the progress in my own strength and application to rowing, I started recommending her services to my high school clients. Every rower who worked with Michele consistently saw incredible gains in their rowing ability and performance. 

Michele's extensive knowledge of the human body and her ability to communicate that knowledge with young people in a fresh, exciting, and innovative manner, make her a true treasure in the sports community. If you have a high school athlete in any sport, she is someone you want to have as part of your team. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Iva Headshot