I feel safe working out with Michele. I’ve never injured myself or felt fear because she’s ever present when working me out. She watches my form and makes sure every body part from the top of my head to my toes is engaged & secure. When I started with Michele , I had a sway back with hyperextended legs & arms, which  Michele pointed out could cause major problems.  Michele was able to teach my body to have better posture, strength and endurance.  Because Michele is intuitive to what movement I need, she designs a workout plan for every session.  I like the way she evaluates my body movement, any weaknesses, imbalances, and executes a corrective solution.  She creatively integrates various types of exercises with movement and breathing and doesn’t just do standard weight training  that most trainers I worked out with in the past always did. You can’t fake sweat and I always receive a whole body workout feeling invigorated, joyous and ready to take on the world.