I feel safe working out with Michele. I’ve never injured myself or felt fear because she’s ever present when working me out. She watches my form and makes sure every body part from the top of my head to my toes is engaged & secure. When I started with Michele , I had a sway back with hyperextended legs & arms, which  Michele pointed out could cause major problems.  Michele was able to teach my body to have better posture, strength and endurance.  Because Michele is intuitive to what movement I need, she designs a workout plan for every session.  I like the way she evaluates my body movement, any weaknesses, imbalances, and executes a corrective solution.  She creatively integrates various types of exercises with movement and breathing and doesn’t just do standard weight training  that most trainers I worked out with in the past always did. You can’t fake sweat and I always receive a whole body workout feeling invigorated, joyous and ready to take on the world.



Michele has helped me in so many ways.  With her encouragement, there are no hurdles, just options. I feel so lucky to have her in my life to help me recover from surgery and then to stay fit and healthy. Thank you, Michele.



It was my great fortune to meet Michele in 2013 as I was recovering from a critical medical emergency. Following over a year of intense physical therapy, I was convinced that my body would never be the same after my abdominal area had been decimated by a life-saving surgical procedure. Although I was grateful just to be able to walk and perform most basic functions, I felt that my body would never return to its pre-surgical strength.

My demeanor may have reflected this dismay when I met first Michele at the gym where she was working.  I was exhausted from attempting a 30-minute workout and frustrated that I could not feel my muscles working. She expressed genuine interest in my physical challenges and medical journey. During our initial chance encounter, her enthusiasm for innovative research in the field of fascia therapy, combined with her empathy for my specific circumstance fostered our working relationship.

As Michele was completing her graduate work in Kinesiology, she never hesitated to incorporate innovative techniques into my program, if she thought they were applicable to my specific physical challenges. Gradually, I got stronger, gained mobility and I could feel my muscles working again. 

For several years, we worked on a regimen of 6 – 8 weeks of training sessions, every 6 months or so. Our relationship has grown into a lasting friendship, although Michele continues to check in on my long-term fitness goals, periodically. Her passion for fitness is contagious, motivating and inspiring. I credit Michele for guiding me on my fitness journey and am pleased to say that my current fitness level enables me to live life on my own terms and without limits.



Back in the snow once again! I gained strength, coordination, and balance again after a few physical setbacks. It is so great to be back in action. Thank you, Michele!



I have been training with Michele for 8 years and have discovered what it really means to have the ability to control movement and feel stronger. I lost 30 lbs., am managing my hip arthritis pain, and have stabilized my heart function. We have productive conversations regarding my plan to stay on the right track, and I feel I am achieving my goals with someone who takes my wellbeing seriously.