This program is geared towards young athletes from ages 11 to 17 years. This is a CRITICAL time to interact with athletes at this stage in this manner. As puberty begins and development continues, connective tissue is highly influenced by hormonal changes and posture/movement patterns begin to change from that of a toddler. The demands of sport can influence the musculoskeletal system negatively when there are compensations in posture and movement. 

A coach or athletic trainer can have an athlete perform ALL the drills and practice in the world, but if certain muscles are under active and there are postural deviations (from optimal), injury and pain are soon around the corner. YES, even at this age!

It is in EVERY parent’s best interest to have a full biomechanical evaluation for their child in order to reveal any issues so that your young athlete can be safe and productive – and most of all, enjoy the sport!!


Upcoming Events

Shoot 360 Workshop

Come join us for a 60 minute workshop to work on fundamental core exercises  to enhance basketball skills drills and increase strength and endurance for the game. These exercises will address improving posture, understanding how to activate the trunk and hip muscles properly, as well as how to channel energy for endurance and strength. PARENTS, you can use these for yourself, too!

Some exercises are on the floor so bringing an exercise mat or towel is advised.

One child per parent.



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This 60 minute workshop has a $10 materials fee. You will receive printed materials to take home.