WHAT is your weakest link?

Michele talks about a specialized connective tissue you have -FASCIA. This is the organ of form and shape. It needs to be trained a specific way to achieve balance in the body. Michele provides a 90 min. head to toe examination of joint function and then provides corrective exercise recommendations to optimize your exercise program to make it safer and more productive. Not knowing this information is a detriment to your exercise, sport, or competitive efforts!!  




A Posture and Biomechanical (HOW-YOU-MOVE) Workshop 

with Michele Bond, MS

  • WHERE: STONEVIEW NATURE CENTER - 5950 Stoneview Drive Culver City, CA  90232   (310) 202-3002
  • FEE: $40 (Includes lecture, demonstration, practical takeaways, and handout)

  • Learn how muscles, connective tissue, and joints should work together to make exercise productive, reduce injury, and alleviate acute pain. Participants will be viewing a visual presentation along with the lecture as well as be invited to participate in movement (optional) at certain points during the presentation. 

  • 1. Review the role of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) and ways to train both
  • 2. Discuss the complete definition of posture and how that translates to exercise and improved function
  • 3. Review the latest research on stretching – (methods and discrepancies between practices in fitness) and learn ways to incorporate these methods into your program.
  • 4. Discuss and practice proper alignment and function of the spine and shoulder/hip/knee/ankle joints
  • 5. Clarify what “the core” really is and how to implement into exercise and rehabilitation
  • 6. Discuss common exercise errors, what is causing those movement deficiencies, and how to correct them
  • 7. Discuss your next steps as applied to your exercise and/or rehabilitation programs
  • 8. Eligibility for special training offer!