What is your weakest link?

Michele talking about a specialized connective tissue you have -FASCIA. This is the organ of form and shape. It needs to be trained a specific way to achieve balance in the body. Michele provides a 90 min. head to toe examination of joint function and then provides corrective exercise recommendations to optimize your exercise program to make it safer and more productive. Not knowing this information is a detriment to your exercise, sport, or competitive efforts!!  




A Posture and Biomechanical (HOW-YOU-MOVE) Workshop 

with Michele Bond, MS

  • WHERE: STONEVIEW NATURE CENTER - 5950 Stoneview Drive Culver City, CA  90232   (310) 202-3002
  • FEE: $40 (Includes lecture, demonstration, practical takeaways, and handout)

  • Learn how muscles, connective tissue, and joints should work together to make exercise productive, reduce injury, and alleviate acute pain. Participants will be viewing a visual presentation along with the lecture as well as be invited to participate in movement (optional) at certain points during the presentation. 

  • 1. Review the role of muscle and connective tissue (fascia) and ways to train both
  • 2. Discuss the complete definition of posture and how that translates to exercise and improved function
  • 3. Review the latest research on stretching – (methods and discrepancies between practices in fitness) and learn ways to incorporate these methods into your program.
  • 4. Discuss and practice proper alignment and function of the spine and shoulder/hip/knee/ankle joints
  • 5. Clarify what “the core” really is and how to implement into exercise and rehabilitation
  • 6. Discuss common exercise errors, what is causing those movement deficiencies, and how to correct them
  • 7. Discuss your next steps as applied to your exercise and/or rehabilitation programs
  • 8. Eligibility for special training offer!

  • The lecture will be presented by Culver City resident Michele Bond. Michele has been a professional exercise coach and presenter serving the Los Angeles area since 1999. She holds a Masters degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology) from the University of Texas, is a published researcher in the areas of strength and connective tissue, and is the director of anatomy and fascia (specialized connective tissue) education for NCEP (National College of Exercise Professionals). She is also an adjunct lecturer and the coordinator of fascial research for the University of Texas, Odessa.