The E.D.I.T Method™



This entails a detailed review about what the body needs to make healthy, lasting changes based on intake information during the initial consultation. Nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, and metabolic needs are several topics discussed during this stage.


Depending on the client, this stage can involve corresponding with your medical team (physical therapist, cardiologist, etc.). This stage will involve goal setting and planning workouts and training days. Mindset coaching is also prevalent. Posture and movement assessments are performed to construct a foundational program.


This is the start of acquiring specific movement related skills to correct any postural deviations, reduce pain, and improve flexibility and  sport performance. While sessions during this stage are indeed a workout, there can be a varying amount of actual focused instruction to learn exercises properly.


This is the stage where a menu of exercises are created for faster, but appropriately paced workouts. A number of training weeks will lead to acquiring a certain conditioning effect. This is what is known as training and conditioning.


If you are new to exercise, these stages will serve you well. If you are seasoned, you may spend less time in some, but may need to revisit a few from time to time.  The E.D.I.T. Method is about combining exercise psychology, exercise physiology, and biomechanics to create an evidence based health and fitness program.

Training and Conditioning with the E.D.I.T. Method™

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